Dog Behavior – So Adorable!

Pomeranians are amazing –¬†

Dogs are incredible creatures.

Did you know that Dobermans were invented for tax reasons?

No. I couldn’t believe it either.

Did I mention there is a fantastic dog-specific  channel on youtube?

It’s great!!

When it comes to dog behaviour, do you want a dog that behaves like a poodle….

or do you just want a poodle? Big decision.

Very smart dogs.

Border Collies are slightly smarter than Poodles, according to dog intelligence competitions.

Maybe they are…maybe they aren’t.

What are those dogs called that play Chess? Oh hang on. I may have dreamt that one.

Border collies are hyper-smart –

Don’t leave these dogs at home with nothing to do.

Let them do your taxes. Ha!

If they’re bored they may tear your house apart…in an intelligent way…similar to reverse Ikea.